Traffic Fines 

If you are ticketed or arrested in the county of Calhoun for a traffic violation or a city ordinance violation, it will be for one of the following types of cases:

  • Civil infraction traffic violations, such as speeding, illegal turn, going through a red light, etc. These traffic violations are non-criminal.
  • Misdemeanor traffic violations, such as drunk driving, driving while license suspended, improper plates, etc. These traffic violations can result in arrest.
  • City ordinance violations, such as gun law violations, disorderly conduct and drug violations which violate city rather than state laws.
Click here for traffic offense and fine information.

Payments can be made by personal check, certified check, money order, cash, online or by telephone. Do not mail cash.

If you have to appear at court for a traffic or ordinance violation be sure to bring proper information with you.

Do NOT bring cell phones, tape recorders or weapons into the facility.

For court forms that can be downloaded or filled in on-line and printed, click here!

Information on responding to a ticket

Please read your citation carefully
If your violation is not listed on the enclosed list, a mandatory appearance may be required. Please contact the Traffic Division at (269) 969-6666. Each fee includes a penal fine, municipal and state costs, and mandatory state assessments (no state costs or assessments on parking violations).

When issued a traffic citation, you must take 1 of the following 3 actions prior to the appearance date on the ticket:

  1. Admit responsibility in person, by mail or by representation, or plead guilty and pay the listed fee. Check the appropriate box on your ticket and sign it. Enclose a check or money order for the amount of the listed fee, or complete the credit card authorization portion of the Payment Form and mail it to the Court in the attached envelope. DO NOT SEND CASH. The Court will enter a judgment and close the case. The Office of the Secretary of State (SOS) applies license sanctions (e.g. points) if applicable.
  2. Admit responsibility with explanation (civil infraction only). You are admitting responsibility. The judge/magistrate cannot dismiss a case, reduce the charge, or reduce the points based on an explanation without a hearing. Check the appropriate box on the ticket and sign it with a letter of explanation to the Court in the enclosed envelope. Based on the explanation, the magistrate may assess the standard fine, reduce the fine, or set a hearing. You will be notified of the magistrate's decision by mail and will have approximately 14 days from the date of mailing to submit payment to the Court.
  3. Deny responsibility (civil infractions) or plead not guilty (misdemeanor). Please follow instructions on back of citation.
If you have posted a cash bond, a driver's license or a bond card, you still must contact the court within 14 days of the date you received the ticket to advise how you wish to plead. Failure to do so will result in additional court costs and bond forfeiture.
Upon receipt of full payment due, your bond card or driver's license will be returned to you at the address on the ticket. If you have moved, you must notify the Court.
Failure to answer a citation may cause your driving privileges in Michigan to be suspended. The Michigan Secretary of State will notify the driver license bureau in your state of the action.
The number of drivers license "points" associated with civil infractions is determined by either the Secretary of State or law. A police officer, magistrate, or judge cannot change the points associated with the civil infraction violation cited by an officer.