Additional Co-Parenting Resources

Helpful Websites for Co-Parenting and Other Divorce Issues

"Tips for Divorced Parents" by Jocelyn Block and Melinda Smith
"Guide to Step-Parenting & Blended Families" by Gina Kemp, Jeanne Segal & Lawrence Robinson
"Co-Parenting After Divorce" by Edward Kruk
"Tricky Issues with Co-Parenting After Divorce" by Sherri Kuhn

Books for Talking to Your Children About Divorce and Divorce Adjustment

How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce by Jill Jones-Soderman & Alison Quattrocchi, 2006
Difficult Questions Kids Ask and Are Afraid to Ask About Divorce by Meg Schneider & Joan Zuckerburg, 1996
What in the World Do You Do When your Parents Divorce? A Survival Guide for Kids by Kent Winchester & Roberta Bayer, 2001

Books for Young Children 4-8
Two Homes by Clare Masurel, 2003
It's Not Your Fault, Koko Bear by Vicki Lansky, 1997
When Mom and Dad Divorce by Emily Menendez-Aponte, 1999
Was It the Chocolate Pudding? by Sandra Levins and Bryan Langdo, 2006

Books for Older Children and Teens
The Divorce Express by Paula Danzinger, 2007
Rope Burn by Jan Siebold, 2012
Mom's House, Dad's House for Kids by Isolina Ricci, Ph.D., 2006