Calhoun County Courts

All court events are being held as scheduled. If your case is scheduled for a Jury Trial, you must appear in person. If you are sick on your court day, please call the Court.

Click for info about the administrative order and courts’ policy regarding weapons and electronic devices, including recording inside courtrooms and courthouse areas.

Link to City of Marshall Opinions
Committee for Marshall Not Megasite, et al. vs. City of Marshall, et al.
, Case No. 2023-001712 CZ Opinion link:
Opinion and Order - July 12, 2023
Opinion - Summary Disposition - September 14, 2023

Probate and District Court use the statewide e-filing system called MiFile. It is not available for Circuit Court.
Click here to learn more about MiFile, which is used by 10th District Court-Civil Cases and Probate Court

If You Are Sick
Please do not come to the Court if you have any symptoms of COVID or have been identified as a close contact and need to quarantine. Call the Court you were supposed to attend and let them know you cannot enter the building.
Circuit Court - 269-969-6518
District Court - 269-969-6666
Probate Court - 269-969-6794

Building Accessibility 
The Justice Center is open to the public. Many court hearings will continue to be held via Zoom despite the building and courtrooms being open to the public. Please double-check your Notice of Hearing to determine whether you should appear on Zoom or in person.  If your Notice of Hearing says a Zoom hearing will be held, DO NOT APPEAR in person but use Zoom to join the hearing.

Media Requests
Media requests to attend or cover court proceedings are governed by the Michigan Supreme Court Administrative Order 1989-1. To Submit a Media Request, please complete the form and return it to the appropriate court. Request and Notice for Film and Electronic Media Coverage of Court Proceedings.

Circuit Court and Family Division:
Probate Court: 
District Court:

Jury Trial Status 
The Courts are holding jury trials. Face coverings are no longer required for jurors, but masks may be worn as desired.  For more information, please visit the Jury Services page. Judges reserve the right to require masks while in their courtrooms. Parties must appear in person for jury trials.

You can see hearing schedules on the Court Dockets website. Click on the appropriate Judge, Referee, or Magistrate to see their schedule. **Please note that Juvenile Delinquency and Child Protective Proceedings will NOT show on the schedules as they are non-public cases.

Filing Court Documents   
To learn more about a specific case or to file documents with the court, please contact the appropriate court. 

Transcript Requests
Please use this Transcript Request form to request transcripts from the Circuit Court or the Family Division proceedings. Please note that you will be required to pay for the transcript preparation.

Information Regarding Custody of Minor Children     
COVID-19 Guidelines for Divorced Parents

Information about the courts 
The Calhoun County Courts consist of three courts:

  • 10th District Court - criminal misdemeanors, tickets, landlord-tenant, small claims
  • 37th Circuit Court - criminal felonies, civil lawsuits, family/domestic cases, juvenile cases, adoptions, name changes, child protective cases, personal protection orders
  • Probate Court - guardianships, wills and estates, conservatorships, commitment proceedings

Additional court agencies include:

  • Friend of the Court
  • Jury Services
  • Juvenile Probation
  • District Court Probation
  • Judicial Enforcement Division

Address of the courts:
Calhoun County Justice Center
161 E Michigan Ave.
Battle Creek, MI 49014-4066

Phone: 269-969-6350
Hours: 8 a.m.-noon, 1-5 p.m.

Public parking is available off Division Street, immediately to the side and back of the Court building, and off E. Michigan behind the Fire Department.

By Administrative Order - Weapons and Electronic Devices
No weapons or cutting instruments are allowed into the Justice Center.

Electronic devices, including cell phones, must be in silent mode and stored away prior to entering a court or hearing room.  No electronic device or cell phone may be used or visible while in a court or hearing room without permission given by the Judge, Magistrate, or Referee.

No audio, video recording, or photography function of a cell phone or electronic device may be used in the court or hearing rooms pursuant to Michigan Court Rule (MCR) 8.115.  Jurors and the juror selection process may not be photographed, audio, or video recorded.  No photographs, audio, or video recording of court personnel or any person may be taken without their express consent.

The Justice Center has four floors.  Court and hearing rooms are located on all four floors.  Court Administration or operations offices are located on three of the floors.  All four floors of the Justice Center are used either in the administration or operations of the Courts and are the “courthouse” pursuant to Michigan Court Rule 8.115, as well as a “court facility” as defined by the Calhoun County Courts local administrative order.

Read the Local Administrative Order

Overview of the Courts' Establishment

The current court system was created by Article VI of the 1963 Michigan Constitution. Article VI, Sec. 1 provides that "The judicial power of the state is vested exclusively in one court of justice which shall be divided into one supreme court, one court of appeals, one trial court of general jurisdiction known as the circuit court, one probate court, and courts of limited jurisdiction that the legislature may establish by a two-thirds vote of the members elected to and serving in each house." The only "limited jurisdiction" court created under that provision is the district court.