Jury Services

Jury Service for the term of April 26th and May 10th  has been canceled.
The Courts intend to resume Jury Trials when conditions permit safe jury service. 

Due to the changing status of COVID-19 cases in Calhoun County, please check this site regularly for up-to-date information about Jury Service.

For the most up-to-date information about court operations during the COVID-19 outbreak,
please visit the Courts page or our COVID-19 Alert page

Income Tax Information:
The county does NOT issue 1099s for jury service payment because it is lower than the threshold for required 1099 reporting. If you need payment information because you served on a jury in 2020, you may contact the Jury Coordinator who can provide that information to you.

Return your Jury Questionnaire by mail or complete it online.
Click here to complete online

 Juror Safety During COVID-19

The Courts have implemented many new procedures to ensure juror safety during COVID-19. Please see this Letter to Jurors explaining the precautions put in place.
  • Jurors will be 6 feet away from each other during jury service
  • Jurors and all other persons in the Justice Complex are required to wear masks or face shields
  • Jury assembly groups will be spread out throughout the building to avoid large groups
  • Jurors will need to pass a health screen (Click here for Health Screening)  before entering the building
  • Juror seats will be cleaned as soon as a juror is excused
  • Jurors may bring in a brown bag lunch and water bottle. Microwaves and refrigerators are not available.
  • Jurors will be asked to check-in and return to their car until they receive a text message to report to the courthouse. This system will be similar to the methods used in restaurants.
  • The building is not open to the public, nor will the courtroom to limit the number of people with whom you have contact.
What To Do on the First Day of Your Jury Term
  • Do not report on the first day of your term unless you are instructed to do so. Sometimes jury panels are not needed as cases resolve just prior to the scheduled trial date.
  • If you are needed at the court, Jury Services will contact you by email or text message the night before you are to report for jury duty. You may also check on your status by visiting e-Response or calling the jury line (1-855-509-5879) after 5 p.m. each evening. 
  • If you need to report to the court for jury service, the date and time will be provided to you on both eResponse/jury line - if there is no date or time listed, you do not need to report. 
  • Jury service terms are for two weeks or one trial, whichever is shorter.

Tips for Reporting

  • Arrive promptly. 
  • Bring reading material or work for downtime.
  • Cell phones are permitted, but charging may not be possible. Bring an extra battery if desired.
  • During COVID-19, coffee will not be provided, but food and drink will be permitted into the building. 
  • Bring a brown bag lunch if you do not want to go out for lunch during the break.
  • Review the Health Screening Questionnaire to ensure you are healthy enough to report for jury duty.

Juror Reporting Location

You will report for jury duty at the Justice Center at 161 E. Michigan Ave., Battle Creek. Please review the Health Screening form prior to your arrival. If you are sick, stay home and call the Jury Clerk at 269-969-6533. A court employee will greet you at the front door and give you instructions. 

Contact Calhoun County Jury Services at jury@calhouncountymi.gov.