Parks Millage

KCC Lifelong Learning Classes Sponsored by Park Millage:
Calhoun County Parks is teaming up with Kellogg Community College's Lifelong Learning to offer discounted classes in April 2024. Registration is open for “Wellness Hikes” and “Learn to Disc Golf," with a discount available before Feb. 23 with the code EBSP24. 
Learn more and register at the link:
Learn to Disc Golf - Similar to regular golf, players use a flying disc to get the disc into the basket instead of a club and ball. The program provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of disc golf, learning the basic rules and techniques.
Wellness Hikes - Immerse yourself in nature by exploring nearby hiking trails to enhance well-being. Classes are scheduled for Wednesdays starting April 3.

The Calhoun County Board of Commissioners approved a Parks Millage to go to the voters in 2020, and it was approved by voters on Aug. 4, 2020.

The Calhoun County Parks and Recreation Commission is responsible for overseeing the funds collected by the millage and ultimately, all decisions of how and where money is spent is approved by the County Board of Commissioners. The Parks and Recreation Commission would use 50% of funds to develop and maintain current county parks, and 50% of funds would be used by other municipalities to develop parks in their own communities. View an interactive map of the park millage projects here.

Click here for a 2021 millage summary
Click here for the parks millage operating guidelines
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How does the millage work?
The millage rate is .2 mills for five years. 

The millage will generate approximately $730,000 per year to be used to operate, preserve, acquire, maintain, and develop parks in Calhoun County. Each year, 50% of the millage revenue ($365,000) is available to all municipalities for local park projects, with each allocation based on population size.