Calhoun County Cumulative COVID-19 Data

For more information on protecting yourself and your community from the spread of COVID-19, visit the Public Health Department Headquarters, [HERE].

Current data is limited by both the number of people tested and the sample, or make-up, of populations that are prioritized for testing. This information is updated once daily.  Last updated: 11:00 AM, 6-2-2020.

Total Laboratory Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Calhoun County by Age Group
Age Group Cases Percent of Total Cases
0-19 19 4.9%
20-29 59 15.3%
30-39 71 18.4% 
40-49 75 19.4%
50-59 49 12.7%
60-69 47 12.2% 
70-79 34 8.8% 
80+ 32 8.3%

Total Laboratory Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Calhoun County by Sex

Sex   Cases  Percent
Male 167  43.3%
 Female 217  56.2%
 Unknown 0.5% 

Total Laboratory Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Calhoun County by Race
Race Cases Percent of Total Cases
Black or African American 74 19.2%
Caucasian 231 59.8%
Asian 57 14.8%
Unknown 11 2.8% 
Other 13 3.4% 

Note(s): A further breakdown of racial groups can be provided when there are enough cases to ensure privacy and data reliability standards are met. If race is not reported, it is listed as “unknown.” The category “other” includes other race categories not listed. The small numbers of these groups are currently categorized as “other” to prevent potential identification of these individuals.

Positive COVID-19 Cases by Referral Date, Calhoun County, 2020
6.02.20 EC
Note: These are laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19. Date is by when Public Health was notified through the Michigan Disease Surveillance System. Sometimes notification, known as the referral date, occurs before the test result comes back.

 Data Considerations
  • Positive case counts may change if a case is reassigned to another county or state

  • Persons Under Investigation (PUI), Negative results, and Test Results Pending are no longer able to be maintained. With the addition of private lab testing, it is no longer possible to accurately record the number of tests submitted for processing. Positive lab results will be updated here daily.

  • Data source is the Michigan Disease Surveillance System