Doing Business with the Public Health Department

Calhoun County Public Health Department works with local businesses, hospitals, schools, and others to keep the community healthy.

Childcare & Schools
Disease reporting for daycare facilities and schools.

Food & Facilities
Information about food safety, access to restaurant inspection reports and restaurant licensing.  
CCPHD  works with child care providers, food establishments, body art establishments, businesses with certain potentially polluting materials, tobacco and/or electronic smoking device vendors, well & septic sites and others.

Medical Examiner
The Medical Examiner investigates certain types of deaths in Calhoun County.

Physicians & Hospitals
Disease reporting for health care professionals.

Public Swimming Pools & Body Art Facilities
Environmental Public Health staff regularly inspect and permit public swimming pools and body art facilities across Calhoun County to prevent the spread of communicable diseases.

Well & Septic
At the time of property transfer, wells, and septic systems must be inspected.