Well & Septic

Well and septic systems serve rural homes and businesses without access to a municipal system. Sanitarians in the Environmental Public Health Department work with owners and contractors to issue permits, as well as evaluate sites, design the system, locate the area for installation, and inspect the final work. This ensures proper design, installation, maintenance, and monitoring to aid in the prevention of water-related diseases, water pollution, and communicable diseases causes by human waste.

Check with your township prior to applying for a well or septic permit to ensure a municipal system is not available.

For more information or any questions regarding wells and septic systems contact the Environmental Public Health Department via the [Hours and Locations] page.

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Water Testing

Water testing is offered for a fee with several testing options available. Bottles are provided at the Environmental Public Health front desk. Different tests require sampling from specific areas and specific measurements of water, please contact the Environmental Public Health Department for details on the testing options and current fees to ensure the proper bottles are distributed.

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 Well & Septic Systems

The following services are conducted through the CCPHD Environmental Public Health Division:

  • Site Evaluations (“perc” tests)
  • Issue new or replacement well and/or septic permits
  • Conduct inspections of well and/or septic systems
  • Investigate complaints of failing systems or improper sewage disposal
Application for Residential/Commercial Onsite Water Well/Sewage Disposal

 For applications, requests for service, current fees, or additional information contact Environmental Public Health via our [Hours & Locations] page.

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 Registration of Septic Installers

  CCPHD Environmental Public Health requires all septic system installers to be registered with CCPHD prior to beginning installation. Septic system installers must complete a Registration Form and return it to CCPHD Environmental Public  Health.

Registration Form

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