Report a Road Problem

Submitting a service request to the Calhoun County Road Department is easier than ever using the MyCivic-Calhoun County app. By downloading the app, you can submit a photo of the problem, which allows us to pinpoint exactly where it is in Calhoun County.  

Click here for the Apple Store App (for iPhones) 
Click here for the Google Play Store App (for Android)
Or search Calhoun County Michigan in your phone's app store

Not using a smartphone? Click here to submit a service request in your web browser

This portal is for non-emergency situations only. Please call 911 if there’s an emergency. 

When you download the app and it asks you to choose your city, please type in Calhoun County. That will ensure you access the correct information. Create an account once, and then you can easily submit service requests whenever you encounter them. When submitting your service request, please be as detailed in your explanation of the problem as possible.  

Once you submit the service request, you will receive updates on the progress of this request. The app also offers resources like the Snowplow Tracker in winter and current construction in spring and summer.  

Experience property damage? Click here to submit a claim form.