CCRD Winter Maintenance

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road milesIn Calhoun County, 490 miles of primary roads and 826 miles of local roads are maintained year-round, including 458 lane miles of state highways in contract with MDOT. 

The roads are maintained by two regional units for winter operations: Battle Creek and Marshall. Each unit has an assigned number of lane miles to maintain. On an average winter day, all of our drivers should be able to cover their entire snow route. Our crews remove accumulated snow and ice from the roadway by plowing and/or applying salt depending on weather conditions.

crew statsCalhoun County Crew
CCRD drivers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to handle road and weather related emergencies and are in constant contact with 911 dispatchers to respond any time it is necessary.

Prioritizing Snow Removal
CCRD’s policy for prioritizing snow removal is based on traffic volume, speed limits and road surface types. Preference is given in the following order:

state trunklines
primary roads
major local roads
residential / subdivision streets

We will make every effort to respond as quickly as possible; however, local roads and residential/subdivision streets might not be cleared if crews are working overtime, unless there are significant accumulations making them impassable.

WINTER DRIVING TIPS: snow plow tracker
Minimize distractions and focus on driving. Put your cell phone away and be aware of other motorists.
Always wear your seatbelt and make sure every passenger is properly buckled before getting on the road.
Reduce your speed and don’t be pressured by cars behind you to drive faster than you are comfortable with.
Always allow extra time to reach your destination.
Avoid sudden starts, stops, and turns. Accelerate carefully so your vehicle wheels won’t spin.
Keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you to ensure you can stop fast enough, even on icy roads.
Give yourself more braking room, and remember not to pump anti-lock brakes.
Beware of ice patches and know where ice forms most readily like bridges, overpasses, shady spots, and intersections.
In snow, drive in the tire tracks. The traction is better in tire tracks. Make sure you change lanes slowly and smoothly.
Don’t attempt to pass snow plow vehicles while they are plowing. Never attempt to pass a snow plow on the right. Plows can suddenly move sideways from hitting drifts or by cutting through packed snow.
Don’t crowd the plow. Plow drivers have limited visibility and cannot see directly behind their trucks.

Don’t plow snow across the road or shovel snow from your driveway onto shoulders or roadways. It is a violation of the Michigan Vehicle Code, as well as a traffic safety hazard.

Park vehicles away from the road and follow local parking ordinances related to snow removal. Keep rocks, timbers, fences, basketball hoops, garbage bins, reflectors, and other items away from the road. 

dont play in the road photo of girlFOR CHILDREN: 
Never build snow forts, dig tunnels, or play in ditches or snow banks by the road.
Keep well away from the edge of the roadway while waiting for the school bus, getting the mail, or watching the snow plow.
Stay away from the end of the driveway when a snow plow is approaching. Keep sleds and toys away from the roadways at all times. 

This information is on a brochure in the Road Department lobby.
Click here for a PDF of the brochure.

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