About Us

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The Calhoun County Senior Millage was first approved by voters in 1996 to fill gaps in available services and help older adults by promoting health, safety, and wellness.  The Senior Millage raises approximately $2.7 million in taxes each year, and has been renewed by voters in 2000, 2006, 2010, and 2020.

Senior Millage funds 21 different programs that operate county-wide administered by ten trusted nonprofit organizations to provide services to Calhoun County residents, age 60 and older.  In 2022, Senior Millage programs assisted 6,760 older adults through its funded programs.  Most Senior Millage funding is distributed through a Request for Proposal system through the County Purchasing Department. Funding is also available for community programs and initiatives through a Mini-Grant program that provides one-time grants of $500 to $5,000 to respond to community needs.  All Senior Millage-funded programs provide services to meet the needs of seniors that cannot be met by the resources of the individual, the senior’s family, volunteers, charitable organizations, or through other state or federal programs.

Community needs and funding priorities are decided by the Senior Millage Allocations Committee (SMAC) which makes recommendations to the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners appoints members to SMAC and approves funding decisions.  SMAC is comprised of 13 community members who serve three-year terms.

The mission of Calhoun County Senior Services is to enhance, promote, and ensure the availability of needed quality services for Calhoun County seniors through effective and efficient allocation of County Senior Millage resources.  Calhoun County Senior Services administers and monitors the use of senior millage funds, organizes special events for older adults, advocates for improved services in the community by identifying needs and promoting collaboration, and helps seniors connect to services. 

Senior Millage funded programs such as, Senior Fitness & Fun, Transportation and Benefits Counseling serve all seniors regardless of income, while some programs, including Home Heating Assistance, Dental Services and Minor Home Repair, serve seniors with limited incomes to help those most in need.   Many services are provided without cost to older adults, but some programs encourage a cost-share to help funding go further.