Senior Millage Allocation Committee

Senior Millage Allocation Committee (SMAC) meetings are typically held on the first Friday of every month at 8 a.m. in the Garden Level Conference Room of the County Building in Marshall unless otherwise noted. There are currently two available vacancies on the Senior Millage Allocation Committee. Please email Senior Services Manager, Rod Auton at or call the office at 269-781-0846 for additional information.

2024 Meeting Schedule
January 5
January 2024 meeting 2February 2 - Heritage Commons Senior Enrichment Center
15885 W Michigan Ave, Marshall
March 1
April 5
May 3 - Kool Family Community Center 
Valentine Room
200 W Michigan Ave # 101, Battle Creek
June 7
July 12 (moved to 2nd Friday)
August 2 - Community Action Agency
175 Main St., Battle Creek
September 6 
October 4
November 1 - Forks Senior Center 
101 N Albion St, Albion
December 6

Meeting place may be subject to change. Call Calhoun County Senior Services (269) 781-0846 to verify location. 

Senior Millage Allocation Committee (SMAC)
Name  Place of Residence  Term Expires 
Chuck Asher Battle Creek April 2026
Deborah Brand Athens April 2025
Michelle Hill  Battle Creek April 2025 
Tom Hunsdorfer  Albion  April 2026
Robert 'Bob' Lyng  Marshall  April 2027
Dominic Oo Battle Creek April 2026
Isabell Nazer Homer April 2026
Darlene Neidlinger Springport April 2026
Willie Tabb  Albion  April 2027
Tom Tarkiewicz Marshall April 2025
Diane Thompson, Calhoun County Commissioner, District 6  Marshall December 2025
Shirley Tuggle Battle Creek April 2027
Erin Wilson Albioin April 2027