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County Treasurer Duties

The County Treasurer serves as the County's Banker and Investment Officer. The Treasurer's primary responsibilities are to safeguard public funds and to collect and account for the revenue used to operate programs for County residents.

The Treasurer is also responsible for the administration of the General Property Tax Laws & related duties, including:
  • collection of delinquent real estate property taxes
  • accounting of tax collections of the 28 local townships, cities, and villages
  • agent of the Delinquent Tax Revolving Fund enabling the county to advance monies for delinquent taxes to the local units (minimizing the impact on their revenues)
  • administration of Delinquent Tax Reversion involving title searches, property visits, court hearings, foreclosure and auction of properties
  • administer dog license program
  • collects and disburses hotel/motel accommodation taxes
  • tax certification
  • active leader in the Calhoun County Land bank
Additional Contact Information
General questions: Delinquent taxes, dog and kennel  licenses, and deed certification
  • 269-781-0807
Property Tax Relief Assistance, Financial Hardship Extensions
  • 269-781-0807
Homestead and taxable value changes
  • 269-781-0808
Accommodation Tax
  • 269-781-0810
  • 269-781-0808
  • 269-781-0810
DS4410 Reports
  • 269-781-0810
Calhoun County Land Bank
  • 269-781-0777