Youth Center FAQs

Q. – Can I bring my child in to get locked up?
A. – No. A resident must be court ordered by a judge or juvenile referee to be lodged at the facility.

Q. – When can I drop off my child’s medication?
A. – Medication can be dropped off to the Juvenile Home at any time. All medications must have the original label affixed to it that includes resident’s name, type of medication, mg, dosage instructions, date filled, prescribing doctor and expiration date.

Q. – Does my child need any money or clothing items while at the Youth Center?
A. – No. All food, clothes and hygiene items are provided to them.

Q. – Am I allowed to call and talk to my child or is my child allowed to call home?
A. – Parents are not allowed to call and speak to their child. However, all residents have opportunities to earn 5-minute phone coupons to use to call home. Residents are only allowed to call home when on the appropriate program phase and can only talk to those individuals that are authorized to visit.

Q. – Can my child receive mail and pictures.
A. – All incoming mail must be sent though the United Stated Postal Service. It cannot be dropped off at the facility. Mail can include appropriate pictures that a resident may be able to keep in their room depending on their phase in the program.

Q. – Does my child attend school while at the Youth Center?
A. – Yes. Residents attend school Monday – Friday. Services are provided by teachers from the Calhoun County Intermediate School District.

Q. – Can I bring in my child’s school work from their own school?
A. – Yes. School work can be dropped off at any time. It will be the resident’s responsibility to work on it during their free time and it will be the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the school work is returned to the resident’s home school once it is completed.