Online Payments

Below are options for paying Calhoun County fees and services online. There may be other payment options available.  Please check the department webpage for alternatives and for more information.

Accidents/Crash Reports – Sheriff’s Office
When inquiring online, include name, driver license, date, case number and policy number.
Crash reports here.

Affidavit for License to Marry – Clerk’s Office
Visit the Clerk’s Office website for information about the application process.
Or, go directly to the application here.

Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates – Clerk’s Office
The Calhoun County Clerk offers online purchases of certified copies of vital records for births, marriages and deaths that occurred in Calhoun County, MICHIGAN only. All documents will be mailed to the recipient. 
Apply here.

Child Support Payments - Friend of the Court
Multiple options available for payment.  Visit the FOC website.

Civil Process – Sheriff’s Office
Full Fee Schedule is on the website here.
When paying online, include Case Sequence # or Name of Defendant and Payment notes.
Pay here.

Delinquent Taxes - Treasurer’s Office
When paying online, include property number, address and tax year.
Pay here.

Dog Licenses - Treasurer’s Office
When paying online, create an owner profile and dog profile.
Pay here.

Environmental Health - Public Health Department
Types of payments include food licenses, well permits, sewage permits, other environmental health payments, and cremation permits. Services fees apply: Credit & Amex 2.99% - $2.95 minimum, and Debit $3.95 flat fee
Pay here.

Filing Fees or Fines & Costs - Circuit Court / Family Court
When paying filing fees online, include your name, case number, and phone number.
Pay here.

Filling Fees, Certified Copy Costs, Inventory Fees, Service Fees, Photo Copies - Probate Court
When paying online, include case number if known.
Pay here.

Fines & Costs - 10th District Court
Types of payments include, court fines, criminal cases, traffic tickets - civil infraction traffic violations, such as speeding, illegal turn, going through a red light, etc. Also includes misdemeanor traffic violations, such as drunk driving, driving while license suspended, improper plates, etc. City ordinance violations, such as gun law violations, disorderly conduct and drug violations which violate city rather than state laws. When paying online, include defendant name, date of birth, case or ticket #, and description of offense.
Pay here.

FOIA - Freedom of Information Requests
The County's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request system has changed since 2019. Please use this link on the County's webpage to access the FOIA Request Online Portal.

Jail Fees and Costs – Sheriff’s Office
When paying online, include Case Sequence # or Name of Defendant, Invoice Number and Payment Notes.
Pay here.

Inmate/Detainee Account Fund - Sheriff’s Office
The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office accepts funds for inmates/detainees that will be held in an account.  These funds may be used to purchase items from the correction center commissary, pay for medical and other health related expenses, haircuts, and other items as they come up.  You can send funds in the following ways: Cash (in person), Western Union, Credit Card (at the following number: 866-345-1884), online here.

Medical/Insurance Billing Payments - Public Health Department
Services fees apply: Credit & Amex 2.99% - $2.95 minimum, and Debit $3.95 flat fee
Pay here.

Retiree Insurance Payments
- Human Resources
Please include the retiree's name.
Pay here.

Road Permitting – Road Department
Sign up with Oxcart Permit Systems for transportation applications, and permits regarding driveways, private/public roads, utilities, special use/right of way, soil erosion and sedimentation control, traffic, addressing, and abandonments/site reviews.
Sign up here.

All general billing invoices for the Road Department can be paid online and do not require Oxcart Permit Systems.
Pay here. 

Tether Payments – Sheriff’s Office
Tether monitoring $40/weekly, breathalyzer $5, substance abuse tests $10
When paying online,  include name of defendant/inmate, date of birth or LEMS ID#, Invoice number if applicable, and payment notes.
Pay here.

Traffic Tickets - 10th District Court
You may make an online payment if:
You are trying to make a payment between 4 and 10 business days from receiving your ticket.
You see the violation listed on the motor vehicle violation fees list.
When paying online, include defendant name, date of birth, case or ticket #, and description of offense.
Pay here.