Committee Availability

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Calhoun County Planning Commission

The duties of the County Planning Commission are as follows: 

  • Adopt a County Master Plan, review the Plan regularly, and make necessary updates as required; 
  • Provide review and recommendation of all proposed amendments to Township zoning and land use policy (including map amendments); 
  • Prepare an annual report to the County Board of Commissioners; 
  • Prepare special studies and plans, as requested by the County Board of Commissioners; 
  • Participate in applicable training sessions, conferences, or meetings in order to properly fulfill the duties of the Commission. 
The Commission seeks individuals from specific, diverse segments of the community: 
  • Citizens at large
  • Recreation and tourism interests
  • Transportation and communication
  • Sanitation, environmental health, housing and human services
Candidates must be resident of Calhoun County. 
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Senior Millage Allocation Committee

The primary responsibilities are to:

  • Work with Calhoun County Senior Services to allocate Senior Millage funding throughout the County in the most equitable, fair, and effective manner possible.
  • Assess county-wide needs of older adults and existing services as the basis for setting funding priorities and making funding recommendations to the County Board.
  • Collaborate with the Calhoun County Purchasing Department in the bid process, including evaluating bids received, and making funding recommendations to the County Board.
  • Assess reports and other relevant information from Calhoun County Senior Services, service providers, and any other available sources.
  • Monitor the integrity and effectiveness of the allocation, administration, and services processes for Senior Millage funding to ensure that the goals and mission of SMAC are being achieved.
  • Ensure that Senior Millage funding is being utilized for the purpose of providing funds for planning, coordinating, evaluating, and providing services to seniors.

SMAC members must: 

  • Have the ability to dedicate substantial time and effort to devote to SMAC meetings and activities.
  • Have varied talents, qualifications, and capabilities with a common interest in older adults.
  • Be a resident of Calhoun County.

SMAC consists of 13 members that are appointed by the Calhoun County Board of Commissioners.  SMAC should consist of a diverse body of individuals reflective of the geographic, cultural/ethnic and personal background differences in Calhoun County including senior/consumer representation. At least one, but not more than three members are County Commissioners appointed by the County Board Chairperson. All members serve without monetary compensation. A member from the Athens/Leroy Township area would increase the geographic area represented by SMAC members. 

Please submit an application by clicking the link above. Applicants must be available for a panel interview at the Friday, June 10 meeting at 8 a.m.